Ladrillera Santafe

In Ladrillera Santafe we are leaders, pioneers, experts and reliable partners.


Ladrillera Santafe is a Colombian company committed to offering its clients the most complete red clay products portfolio. It is known for its high quality, productivity, commitment to the environment, wide generation of well-being for its employees, communities and suppliers, and profitability for its shareholders.


To be the preferred company by our customers in the red clay sector, within the markets in which we participate, combining innovative construction solutions with service and operational efficiency throughout our value chain, thus ensuring growth and sustainability for the business.

Ladrillera Santafe

Our work is guided by our values


Our work is part of our mission in life, we love what we do, and we will not rest until we reach our goals.


We assume and fulfill our tasks with enthusiasm and make decisions aware of their effect on our environment.


We value truth, justice and respect. We act convinced of the importance of righteousness in all aspects of our lives.


Our actions are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs, and they are always guided by the same principles.


We demonstrate, in our daily behavior and in the development of our work, the importance of accuracy and precision in everything we do.


We like to ask questions, research, explore, go beyond, without fear, with the certainty of learning from every experience.


We are capable of assuming challenges and difficult situations, facing them with determination and endurance.


We like to search for original solutions and generate ideas and innovative actions.

Who we are

We are Ladrillera Santafe, an ally that provides quality, assurance and support.

We have a direct influence in the construction of sustainable cities with our innovative and high quality clay products. Our bricks are used throughout Colombia, as well as in the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and Andean countries.

Our team is the foundation of our leadership. we are a professional team, passionate about our business and committed to generating value for our customers, for the communities around our plant locations and our environment. We work every day to be better, more efficient and more innovative, supported by state-of-the-art processes and technology. We are concerned that our individual and collective behavior is always exemplary, keeping the name of Ladrillera Santafe high.

For all of the above, today we are the largest brickyard in Colombia, and our brand, Santafe, is one of the preferred and better recognized brands in the construction materials market. We can proudly say that we have built our reputation brick by brick.

We have been creating construction and architectural trends in Colombia for 60 years, introducing new products and innovative solutions to the market. We constantly invest in research and development, in new technologies and in expanding our knowledge to creatively evolve the supply of clay building materials. We like to explore and create ideas hand in hand with our customers and we are always ready to boldly take on the challenges they propose to us.

We know our clays, the ceramic process and the brick business in depth. We like to learn and that is why we are continually deepening our understanding of construction systems and materials. This, combined with our obsession to ensure day by day excellence in our production processes, allows us to work hand in hand with our clients, taking on their architectural and construction challenges as our own. Thanks to the rigor we put into our work, we are the No. 1 company in the brick sector in Colombia in compliance with technical norms and quality standards.

We act honestly and responsibly in the market and therefore we fully comply with the commitments we make to our customers. We maintain the highest quality standards in our processes, ensuring excellence both in our products and in the integral service we offer. Thanks to the strategic location of our production plants, in the Sabana of Bogota, we can efficiently meet the needs of the local, national and international markets.