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We are

For over 60 years we have been setting architecture and constuction trends with the introduction of new products and innovative solutions. We constantly invest in research and development, in new technologies and in the expansion our knowledge to evolve, in a creative way, the clay materials offer for construction.

Ladrillera Santafe

Our worked is guided by our values.


Our work is part of our mission in life, we love what we do, and we will not rest until we reach our goals.


We assume and fulfill our tasks with enthusiasm and make decisions aware of their effect on our environment.


We value truth, justice and respect. We act convinced of the importance of righteousness in all aspects of our lives.


Our actions are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs, and they are always guided by the same principles.


We demonstrate, in our daily behavior and in the development of our work, the importance of accuracy and precision in everything we do.


We like to ask questions, research, explore, go beyond, without fear, with the certainty of learning from every experience.


We are capable of assuming challenges and difficult situations, facing them with determination and endurance.


We like to search for original solutions and generate ideas and innovative actions.

Projects built with our bricks.