Santafé Digital is launched; a strategy aimed to increasing the added value offered to our customers with state-of-the-art information technology.


Ladrillera Santafé introduces its new brand image.
The Building Information Modeling (BIM) is developed in order to provide our customers with a technological tool that provides support for the design, construction and maintenance management of their projects.


The “Arcillas 1” (Clays 1) production plant is modernized with state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of blocks, achieving the highest standards of quality and productivity.


Large façade bricks are introduced to the market, providing a novel and striking architectural offer with a variety of colors and textures.


Always at the forefront of clay products, Ladrillera Santafé presents the “PlacaFácil Santafé” building system to the market, revolutionizing the way mezzanines are built in Colombia.


The acquisition of the “Arcillas de Soacha” (clays of Soacha) production plant is being carried out, seeking diversification in the products’ offer for the different markets that are served.


The Soacha 3 plant is launched, introducing to the market a product portfolio composed of structural bricks, dividing bricks and façades.


The most modern production plant of clay roof tiles is installed: Usme 4. This allowed Ladrillera Santafé to position its brand and clay roof tiles in the United States’ market with the subsidiary company “Santafé Tile Corporation”.


Ladrillera Elasa is acquired (municipality of Soacha), strengthening Ladrillera’s production capacity and diversifying its product portfolio to serve the Bogota market and its surroundings.


With the Usme 3 manufacturing plant, Ladrillera Santafé introduces the pressed brick line to the market, consolidating itself as an icon in contemporary Colombian architecture.


Ladrillera Santafé was established in 1955 as a pioneer in the manufacture of bricks in Colombia, with its first production plant located in the Usme area, in Bogotá.

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