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Ladrillera Santafé is a company committed to offering its customers the most complete portfolio of clay products; recognized for its high quality, productivity, broad generation of welfare for its employees, communities and suppliers, and profitability for its shareholders.
Create value to our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and shareholders through clay solutions for construction, which generate spaces of well-being and help to conserve our environment.


Be our customers’ preferred Company in the Americas in the clay sector, (in the markets in which we participate) combining innovative constructive solutions with service and operational efficiency throughout our value chain, guaranteeing growth and business sustainability
Provide materials in clay for the construction of spaces that generate well-being and quality of life for those who inhabit them.


Our work is part of our life mission. We love what we do and we do not rest until we achieve what we propose.


Our actions are consistent with our thoughts and beliefs and are always governed by the same principles.


We are capable of taking on challenges and difficult situations, confronting them with determination and integrity.


We like to ask, investigate, go beyond without fears, with the certainty of learning from all experiences.


We like to ask, investigate, go beyond without fears, with the certainty of learning from all experiences.


We assume and fulfill our tasks with enthusiasm and we make conscious decisions about their effect on our environment.


We demonstrate in our daily behaviors and in the development of our work the importance of accuracy and precision in everything we do.


We value truth, justice and respect. We act convinced of the importance of rectitude in all aspects of our lives.

In Ladrillera Santafé we identify ourselves as leaders, pioneers, experts and reliable.

We are leaders

We have modern production plants, with advanced technology that allows us to offer quality and variety of products with which we satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.
In accordance with global trends and always seeking to maintain our leading position in the industry, we develop innovative products, according to the requirements of the markets in which we participate in.

We are pioneers

For more than 60 years in the market, we have been characterized by marking constructive trends with innovative products and solutions. That's why we continuously invest in anticipating the needs of the market in order to continue at the forefront and offer more and better solutions.

We are experts

We have our own clay mines and guarantee the best raw material. This combined with our obsession to ensure day to day excellence in our production processes, allows us to work hand in hand with our clients, assuming their architectural and constructive challenges as our own. We are the first company in the sector in Colombia in compliance with technical and quality standards.
Being located in different strategic points of the Bogota’s Sabana, the production plants meet the demand of the local, national and international markets.

We are reliable

We maintain the highest quality standards in our processes, guaranteeing excellence both in the different products produced and marketed, and in the integral service to our stakeholders.
Respect for the environment is part of our business objectives, as well as respect for our communities of influence. Our industrial mining activities are based on a harmonious action with the environment, preventing and mitigating impacts that affect natural resources and with these to society. Our premise is to carry out an operation under the legal framework, friendly to the environment, being good neighbors and exemplary global citizens.


La Sostenibilidad es una parte del eje estratégico de la compañía que contiene la promesa de valor para cada uno de nuestros grupos de interés.

Nuestros pilares de Sostenibilidad son:

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